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It is an offence to drop litter. But it must be witnessed, either by a police officer/community support officer or council warden, CCTV or some other substantive evidential means. The general course of action, if pursued would be the issue of a penalty notice, resulting in a fine. This fine amount can vary. Please see relevant link in Related Information for the amounts.


All skips must be registered with the local authority. If the skip has been left in a dangerous position, is causing an obstruction or some other cause for complaint then you should contact your local authority who will be able to contact the company required to either remove or re-site the skip.

The permission to place the skip could have conditions attached, such as:

  • the siting of the skip;
  • its dimensions;
  • visibility;
  • the care and disposal of its contents;
  • the manner in which it is to be lighted or guarded;
  • its removal at the end of the period of permission.

There are also conditions attached to the owner of the skip, who must ensure:

  • the skip is properly lit and if necessary marked during the hours of darkness,
  • the skip is clearly marked with the owner's name and telephone number or address;
  • the skip is removed as soon as practicable after it has been filled;
  • the conditions subject to the permission being granted is complied with.

See the websites in Related Information for information regarding how to hire a skip, and to find your local authority.

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