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If I go out drinking on a night, what are the possible effects on my driving the next day?

Depending on the amount of alcohol consumed, you could still be over the legal limit the following morning and even into afternoon. Even if you feel fine and 'sober' it does not mean that you are not still over the legal limit.   There is n...

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I have received a court summons for driving offences to appear at court (I was not stopped by an officer), what does that mean?

It means that more than likely you have been flashed by a speed camera or gone through a red light or committed another minor traffic offence. The exact offence will be stated on the summons, along with the date of the court appearance - you must ......

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I have got a court summons for driving offences, but I was not stopped by the police/do not own that car/don't drive, what can I do?

Although it was not you that has been stopped by the police, you must still go to court. This is to make a statutory declaration (a sworn statement) to that effect. The court will then adjourn the matter back to the police who will need to make f......

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I have missed the court date for my summons, what will happen?

If you have missed a court date then a warrant will be issued for your arrest. It is advisable to go to your local police station or Magistrates Court as soon as possible to hand yourself in....

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