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What is the law relating to clamping?

Private landIt is a criminal offence to clamp/block/tow away a vehicle on private land without lawful authority. Lawful authority to immobilise or move a vehicle is restricted to a number of organisation such as the police, DVLA and local authorit...

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I have seen CS spray for sale, is it legal?

No, CS spray is not legal. It is a prohibited firearm and if you are found in possession of it, it could lead to a minimum prison sentence of six months and a maximum one of ten years and/or a fine....

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What is CS spray made up of and when do the police use it?

CS (named after the initials of the inventors Corson and Staughton) combines the compound (o-chlorobenzylidine malononitrile) a white crystalline substance which is dissolved in the inert solvent MiBK (methyl iso-butyl ketone) and held by this sub......

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I have been sprayed by CS gas, does it have any long-term effects?

The effects of CS spray can include discomfort to the eyes, a burning sensation, coughing, tightness in the chest and it may also cause your skin to go red and feel hot. Most people recover within 15-30 minutes after a brief exposure. If you are e......

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