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Witness summons


A witness summons is a document that can place a requirement on a witness to attend court. A witness summons is generally issued when there is a hostile witness or witnesses that are felt would not attend under their own free will. Witness summons are generally used for either of these things – if the person is a civilian they could be summonsed to court to give evidence or to secure a piece of evidence they may have – if they are an expert witness then they could be given a summons to produce certain documents/records.


If you do not attend court after having a witness summons served on you, you could be liable for arrest.

If you have any concerns about going to court or cannot arrange transport to get to court, please contact the officer in the case or the witness liaison department.

The 'witness liaison department' may have a different name in each police force but the contact details can be found on the letter that you received warning you to attend court.

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