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Council housing


The council has responsibilities for your council house but you as a tenant do too. They are responsible for the: structure of the property, including the walls, ceiling, roof and widows being kept in good condition; gas and electrical appliances working safely; outside of the property, including the guttering, fall pipes, doors, fences and paths. In flats or maisonettes they also have responsibility for any communal area.
If you need any further help or advice, contact the housing department at your local authority via telephone or their website, which can be found through the Local Government website. See the website in 'Related Information' to find your local authority.


Sub-letting without permission is normally considered being a matter of civil, rather than criminal law.

However, if you are a tenant that is living in social housing and you decide to sub-let your property or assist someone else to sub-let such a property, you may have committed a criminal offence.

It is the responsibility of Local Authorities, rather than the police, to prosecute any instances of unlawful sub-letting.

If you sub-let all or part of your rented accommodation without obtaining permission from the landlord, then you would risk breaking the terms of your tenancy agreement, and you could be evicted. The landlord can serve you with a ‘Section 8 – notice’, seeking possession and the matter could go directly to court.

The Citizens Advice provide comprehensive information relating to both the civil and criminal liabilities which can arise when a property is sub-let without the relevant permissions.

Please see the link in Related Information.

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