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Can you tell me about installing CCTV at my house and what to do if a neighbour has got CCTV installed and one of the cameras points at my property?

Many people install CCTV at their properties as a home security measure as it's an effective tool in fighting crime. Where CCTV is in operation and it only captures your home and garden then it will not be covered by the Data Protection legislati...

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How can I / my solicitor / insurance agent obtain a copy of a collision report following a road traffic collision?

Not all collisions require a police officer to complete a collision report. In some instances a collision report will not be released until the police file has been finalised. If you are a solicitor or an insurance agent, you can apply on behalf......

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What is computer hacking and how can I prevent it?

Computer hacking is where people gain unauthorised access to information that is held on a computer. This can range from guessing someone's password to a 'global cyber security threat known as a 'ransomware attack.' Ransomware can take two forms -......

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I have found an injured animal, who can I contact?

If you find an injured or sick animal, you can phone a local vet who will be able to provide advice. If you wish to catch and transport the animal, a vet will also be able to advise you how to do this safely. See the link in Related Information to......

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