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    Q999: Which businesses have to close during the Coronavirus emergency?

    For public safety, during the 'emergency period', certain businesses and services must cease.
    Certain food premises must close / and or cease selling food / drink for consumption on premises – see Q998
    The following businesses and services must also cease:

    • Cinemas.
    • Theatres.
    • Nightclubs.
    • Bingo halls.
    • Concert halls.
    • Museums and galleries.
    • Casinos.
    • Betting shops.
    • Spas.
    • Nail, beauty, hair salons and barbers.
    • Massage parlours.
    • Tattoo and piercing parlours.
    • Skating rinks.
    • Indoor fitness studios, gyms, swimming pools, bowling alleys, amusement arcades or soft play areas or other indoor leisure centres or facilities.
    • Funfairs (whether outdoors or indoors).
    • Playgrounds, outdoor gyms and outdoor swimming pools.
    • Outdoor markets (except for livestock markets and stalls selling food).
    • Car showrooms.
    • Auction houses (except for livestock auctions).

    The businesses listed above can still host blood donation sessions during the 'emergency period'.
    Cinemas, theatres, bingo halls, concert halls, and museums and galleries can be used to broadcast a performance to people outside the premises, whether over the internet or as part of a radio or television broadcast.
    Further business may also be affected and may need to cease or amend how they work – see Q1001
    The 'emergency period began on 26th March 2020. An end date has not yet been specified, but this is being reviewed at least every 21 days.
    Failing to comply with the above rules is an offence and can result in a fine.

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