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    Q993: What is wildlife crime?

    In general, wildlife crime is any action that contravenes current legislation governing the protection of the UK's wild animals and plants and includes:

    • Hare coursing.
    • Deer poaching.
    • Fish poaching.
    • Badger persecution – including baiting, snaring, shooting, and disturbance of setts.
    • Bat persecution.
    • Egg theft / collection.
    • Bird of Prey persecution – through poisoning, trapping, shooting, disturbance of nest and/or theft of chicks.
    • Trading in ivory, tortoises, rhino horn and other protected species covered by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) including caviar, Traditional Chinese Medicines, and orchids).
    • Non registration of certain birds and animals that require licensing through DEFRA / Animal Health if kept in captivity or sold.

    Wildlife crime can be reported to your local police force via the 101 non-emergency number. Each police force has a dedicated wildlife officer / team, who investigates wildlife crime.

    Please also see the websites in 'Related Information' for further information on this topic.

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