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    Q987: What does a red X on a road sign mean?

    A red X tells drivers that a lane is closed and must not be used - it's against the law to drive in a lane marked by a red X but drivers should also be aware that:

    • Driving in a lane with a red X is very dangerous not only for them but also for anyone stopped/working on the carriageway ahead.
    • Red X signs sometimes must be shown well ahead of an incident so that emergency vehicles can gain access.

    The red X can be shown on signs located on the verge of the carriageway or on signs above each lane across the carriageway.

    From the 10th June 2019, motorway cameras will be able to be used to automatically catch drivers who drive in a lane with a red X. The penalty is £100 and 3 penalty points on your driving record.

    The link below provides more information about driving on a smart motorway:

    Note that:

    • The red X sign can be used on any motorway not just a smart motorway but it still means the same thing i.e. that a lane is closed and MUST NOT be used.
    • The cameras can also be used to detect and prosecute drivers who unlawfully drive on the hard shoulder.

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