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    Q980: How do the Police monitor the use of Tasers?

    Conductive Energy Devices (CEDs) are otherwise known by their trade name 'Tasers'.

    Police forces record and monitor all CED use.

    Forces have been issued guidance in relation to monitoring CED use and each force is required to:

    • Have a well identified and experienced single point of contact within force who can represent that force at National meetings.

    • Have a credible and well-informed CED lead. This person may be the force's Chief Officer lead with responsibility for less-lethal weapons.

    • Have knowledge of the police force's position relative to the National picture.

    • Have protocols to quality assure all CED use forms. Have a knowledge of CED use statistics and be able to identify and initiate action to investigate anomalies.

    • Action response to Freedom of Information Act requests regarding use of CED.

    • Anticipate media interest and have a media strategy reflecting the national position.

    • Have a comprehensive engagement programme to inform communities as it is essential that they are involved.

    • Record complaints correctly - in according with the definition given earlier.

    • Have a flow of information with the national Less-Lethal Weapons secretariat who will act as a critical friend for support and guidance.

    With regards to using a TASER for self-defence, please see Q766.

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