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    Q98: I think my friend/teenage child is taking drugs, what can I do?

    In the first instance it might be worth speaking to your friend/child in a tactful calm way. There is often not a lot that a parent or friend can do without professional help unless the person themselves is willing to admit that they have a problem. The organisations listed in related websites will be able to offer support and help you to take the right sort of approach.

    CanSS helpline (for cannabis & skunk) Tel 0808 1606606 (Mon - Fri 9am to 1pm; Sun 10am - 1pm and Mon - Thur evenings 7pm - 10:30pm) which offers support - mainly to loved ones who are affected by the taking of cannabis & skunk, but also for addicts. Please see 'related information' for a link to the CanSS website.

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