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    Q911: I'm buying a car/motorcycle etc. but now that tax is non-transferable - how do I tax it at the point of sale?

    Buyers can use the 24/7 online or phone services to tax their vehicle at the point of sale - confirmation of tax is provided when the vehicle is taxed.

    To tax your vehicle online go to - you'll need one of the following:

    • 16 digit reference number on your vehicle tax renewal letter (V11)
    • 11 digit reference number on your log book (V5C)
    • Or, if you've just bought the vehicle , the 12 digit reference number on your new keeper supplement (V5C/2)

    If your vehicle is quite old, it may have a reference number of less than 12 digits, in which case you should contact the DVLA via the link below:

    Taxing a vehicle by phone is slightly different. It's an automated 24/7 service that the DVLA says should only take three to four minutes - but you can't pay by Direct Debit via the phone service. You'll need to enter the same information that you would when applying for tax online i.e. reference number on either the V5C or the V11 and pay via your credit/ debit card. The number is 0300 123 4321 (textphone 0300 790 6201) - calls are charged at the local rate.

    You can still tax your vehicle at the Post Office - make sure you check before you go, not all of them still tax vehicles. You'll need to take:

    • your completed V11 reminder, V5C or new keeper supplement (V5C/2)
    • your MOT test certificate if required (must be valid when the tax starts)
    • the payment shown on the reminder

    In Northern Ireland you'll also need an insurance certificate or cover note.

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