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    Q887: What is a telephone scam?

    Fraudsters are contacting members of the public claiming to be from their bank or in some cases, to be a police officer. They inform you that there has been a fraudulent payment made from your bank account and will advise you that your bank card needs replacing, or that you need to withdraw large sums of money to help resolve the problem. Either way they will then send a courier to collect the money/bank card. This is known as a 'courier scam' and is the most common type of telephone fraud in Britain.

    They will attempt to gain your trust by asking you to ring the bank back who will be able to offer further assistance; this makes the call seem genuine when in actual fact the fraudster keeps the line open so the victim is unknowingly reconnected to them. They are likely to ask you to clarify your full bank details including your PIN.

    If you do receive such a call end it immediately, do not phone the number back and wait a few minutes to make sure the line is clear before making any calls, unplug the phone if you are not sure or use a mobile phone. If you are concerned you have been the victim of a courier scam, we would advise that you inform your bank immediately and report it using the Action Fraud website.

    Be aware that your bank will never attend your home, nor will they or the police ever ask you to verify your PIN. See Q807 for details on the different types of scams and the related information for guidance on how to protect yourself from scammers.

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