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    Q836: What is a Criminal Behaviour Order?

    A Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO ) focuses on more serious offenders, who engage in criminal activity as well as anti-social behaviour. It can only be issued in conjunction with a sentence that is already imposed or if the individual has a conditional discharge.

    The order will either prohibit specified acts or require the offender to participate in specified acts e.g. attendance at a course to reduce behaviour. Before imposing an order the court must be satisfied that the offender has engaged in such behaviour causing harassment/distress and that making the order will encourage the offender to stop said behaviour.

    An example of when a CBO may be issued would be where an individual has committed a drug related offence and as part of the order, has to attend a course educating offenders on the effects of substance abuse.

    The order will begin from the day it is issued and, for those under 18 years old it will last between 1 and 2 years, being reviewed every 12 months from the day it was made. For adults over 18 the order will last a minimum of 2 years and can last indefinitely. Failure to comply is a criminal offence and as such can result in imprisonment and/or a fine.

    For further information we would advise that you contact your local policing team. You can do this via the non-emergency 101 number or alternatively by visiting your local force's website.

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