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    Q792: What is a police and crime plan?

    The Police and Crime Commissioner needs a document that sets out clearly the priorities for local policing for the whole force area, their term of office and how they are going to be addressed. Essentially, it must set out the Police and Crime Commissioner's objectives for policing and reducing crime and disorder in the area, how policing resources are allocated and agreements for funding and reporting on the work.

    In developing the plan the Police and Crime Commissioner must consult the chief constable, who acts as their principle adviser on policing matters. They must also obtain views on the plan from local people and the victims of crime in that area.

    The Police and Crime Commissioner's role is to ensure that the plan includes and addresses the views on local policing of the electorate; it will be a public document and a key mechanism for the Police and Crime Commissioner to hold the chief constable to account.

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