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    Q764: People come up to me in the street asking me to take part in a survey / donate to a charity / sell me something. Sometimes they are very pushy and forceful. How can I respond?

    If you do not wish to take part in the survey or donate to charity etc, the best thing to do is to say "No thank you." and walk away. Remember you are under no obligation to buy or give. They should not chase you down the street, shout after you, or block your path. They must never accept cash, cheques or other forms of donation - only direct debits count.

    You can also make a complaint to the company or charity who they are representing. You will need the name of that person. Most workers work for third-party agencies that have contracts with charities.

    If you think the the person is a bogus charity collector, tell the charity or report them to your local police.

    If you do stop then you should be told that they are being paid for collecting on behalf of a charity.

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