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    Q763: I have been injured by a cyclist who was riding dangerously and/or carelessly. Can I report this to the Police?

    Cyclists are required by law to act responsibly. It is a criminal offence to ride a cycle either dangerously or without due care and attention whilst on a road. It is also a criminal offence to ride a cycle in a public place or road whilst unfit through drink or drugs.

    If you witness anyone you believe to be riding a cycle in contravention of these laws then you can report the matter to your local Police.

    If you have been injured due to the misconduct of a cyclist then they may be guilty of a separate offence of causing injury by 'wanton or furious driving'.

    Pedestrians should also be aware that riding a cycle on a footpath or pavement is, in itself, an offence and could be evidence that the cyclist was riding in a dangerous manner.

    Advice on safe cycling and the relevant provisions of the Highway Code are available via the link in 'Related Information'.

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