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    Q756: I have been burgled. Can I do anything regarding evidence before the police arrive?

    Here are a few tips that you can follow which will help both you and the police in an attempt to trace the person responsible.

    • It is imperative that you realise this is not your fault and that a person or persons has entered your home unlawfully it is essential that efforts are made to obtain the maximum forensic evidence from the crime scene in an effort to identify and prosecute the offenders.
    • Please do not attempt to clean up prior to the attendance of the police as it is essential that forensic evidence is not disturbed or destroyed.
    • Try not to walk where the offenders walked or touch what they have touched.
    • If entry has been made through a door, please close this door and do not allow (if possible) 'anyone' including the police to enter through it.
    • If the offender has left anything behind please bring this to the attention of the police.
    • It is very important, especially if you were present when the burglary occurred that you try to remember what the offender touched, for instance distraction burglars may sit down and have a cup of tea or ask for a drink of water. If this has happened please do not wash the cup or glass and bring to the attention of the police.
    • If it is raining and you can see such things as footwear marks which may be destroyed by the weather please try to preserve these as best as you can prior the police arriving. This is often easily carried out by the placing of a cover over it such as a dustbin lid.
    • Did you see the offender or vehicles that they used if so please try to write down the description or registration number and give to the police.
    • If you notice any credit cards or chequebooks missing, contact your bank immediately to prevent them being used.

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