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    Q745: I am being forced into a marriage to a man a lot older than myself, I do not want to let the family down, but I do not want to marry him either. What can I do?

    Forcing someone to get married is a criminal offence. There are also a number of other offences incorporated in forcing someone to marry, e.g. assault, abduction, false imprisonment and many more. If you believe your life is immediate danger you must contact the police in order they can instigate protection measures and link in with other agencies (health, education social care) that may be able to assist with safeguarding you.

    If you are concerned about involving the police in such a sensitive family issue, other support groups and voluntary organisations may still be able to help you (see contact details below).

    You could also apply for a forced marriage protection order which can prevent someone from being forced into a marriage, and can assist someone that has already been forced into a marriage. Breach of a forced marriage protection order is a criminal offence. For further help and information, please see the websites in related information. There are links for the 'Help for Victims' website and a Youtube guide to the website.

    Useful Numbers

    UK Asian Women's Centre Tel: 0121 523 4910

    Bharosa Asian Women's Help Line Tel: 0121 303 0368

    Birmingham/Solihull Women's Aid Helpline and Refuge referrals Tel: 0800 0732606

    Women's Aid National Help Line Tel: 0808 2000 247

    Jyoti Ashram Housing Department for Asian Women Tel: 0845 1306110

    The Forced Marriage Unit Tel: 020 7008 0151

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