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    Q739: I had a relative in the police force and he/she is now deceased, how do I get information about their time in the service?

    The Freedom of Information Act 2000 allows persons to apply for, and obtain, such information.

    You should contact the Freedom of Information (FoI) department at the relevant police force(s) for which your relative worked. Most forces now have the facility by which you can make your request online via the force website. (This can usually be found on the homepage under a title similar to, Freedom of Information, FoI or requesting information etc...). Alternatively, if you wish to make your request by post, you should address it the relevant force and make it for the attention of the Freedom of Information Officer. Your request should provide the following details so that the officer may consider whether the information can be disclosed:

    • Your name and address
    • Your relation to the individual whose record you seek
    • The reason you wish to have this information

    Please note, as the FoI request concerns an individual, confidential information will be withheld. Medical reports and disciplinary reports, if there are any, are exempt from disclosure.

    FoI requests, such as this, must be completed within 20 working days for which there is no charge.

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