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    Q709: There is an injured or diseased badger in my shed, what can I do?

    A badger entering an outbuilding is not uncommon and you should leave the door open to allow the badger to leave the building of its own accord. Other animals and people should be kept away during this time. If the badger is obviously injured or in distress, contact the RSPCA (see link in related information) who may be able to assist as may a local vet or badger group. It is unlikely that a badger will attack a human or a domestic animal, unless it feels threatened or trapped, but it should be remembered that injured or sick animals can behave abnormally.

    You are advised not to approach or try to catch the badger. If the badger dies in the outbuilding, it is the responsibility of the owner/occupier to dispose of the body. If handling a badger carcase, at the very least you should wear gloves and wash your hands and any soiled clothes immediately afterwards. Please check with your local Council as to how the carcass can be legally disposed of.

    Natural England may undertake to collect a carcase if there is strong evidence to suggest that the animal has been poisoned by pesticides; if you suspect this to be the case you should telephone the Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme on 0800 321600.

    For more information please see the related website.

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