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    Q703: I've got bats in my loft and I want to treat the timber, do I need a licence?

    A licence may be required. Bats are a European Protected Species (EPS) and, as such, it is an offence for anyone to injure or handle a bat, disturb a roosting bat or damage a resting place of a bat without a licence. You should contact the bat advice service for details and to find out the best time of year to carry out this kind of work and which chemicals are safe for bats:

    Bat Conservation Trust Advice Line: 0845 1300 228

    Licences and further guidance can be obtained from the following authorities:

    Natural England
    Tel: 0845 6014523

    Welsh Government
    Tel: 0300 062 2253

    For more information and an application form for a licence, please see the related websites.

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