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Q664: I have had an accident with a foreign vehicle, what should I do?

This information has been reproduced with the kind permission of the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB).

  • If the insurer's name is known check the MIB website for any Green Card Agents who will handle the claim on behalf of the foreign insurer.
  • If the insurer's name is not known, contact the MIB's Green card department on 01908 830001.
  • if the accident involves a foreign lorry, take a note of the registration plate from the front of the lorry (there may be a different number on the trailer) as well as the policy and Green card numbers.
  • For security reasons, we can't reproduce a Green card here, however, the numbered boxes relate as follows:
    3- validity dates
    4 - Green card number
    5 - Registration or chassis number
    6 - Category and make of vehicle
    7 - Policy holder and user name and address
    8 - Insurer's name

For more information see website in related information.

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