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    Q662: What are the no smoking laws?

    The law in England and Wales states that it is prohibited to smoke in public places and anyone who does so faces a large fine. It will affect, pubs, restaurants and night clubs. The law chiefly covers indoor places but smoking at some outdoor places, such as football grounds, could be banned.

    The smoker could be fined £50 if they light up in contravention of the law but the organisation could face a much larger fine if they fail to stop you from smoking and can also face fines if they fail to display no smoking signs.

    It is the responsibility of the local authority to 'police' the smoke free laws. However, if there are large groups of rowdy people outside a public house on a regular basis then it may be worthwhile informing the police.

    A helpline to report breaches of the smoking law is telephone number 0800 587 166 7.

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