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    Q658: What are the requirements to legally drive a car in the United Kingdom?

    To drive a motor vehicle legally on a road you must:

    • have a valid licence that covers the category of vehicle you are driving,
    • have insurance that covers you for the vehicle you are driving,
    • have an MOT – this usually applies to vehicles over 3 years old,
    • make sure the vehicle is taxed – see Q911,
    • make sure the vehicle is registered,
    • make sure the vehicle is in roadworthy condition.

    If you come for abroad to take up residency in the UK, you must register and tax your vehicle with the DVLA immediately - UK residents are not allowed to drive foreign registered vehicles on UK roads. With regard to insurance, you must have UK insurance for a UK registered vehicle. Therefore, if you insure a UK registered vehicle in another country, you have no insurance to drive on UK roads and are committing an offence.

    If you don't have a British licence see Q416 or Q417.

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