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    Q647: I am selling a car/other property and someone has offered to send me a cheque for a larger amount and said that I can keep 10% of what is left after taking off the amount for the car, is this a scam?

    Yes it is.

    You will pay the money into the bank and the cheque will more than likely clear. You will send off the car/other property and the remaining money and keep the 10%. A few days later your bank will contact you and inform you that the cheque is in fact stolen or fraudulent and they will debit your account for the full amount of the cheque.

    You will have lost the car/other property, the full amount of the cheque and also any remaining money that you sent the person back.

    If you are at all unsure of a buyer then do not go ahead, wait for a genuine buyer. If that buyer is from overseas speak to your bank about the best and most secure method of receiving payment. You can report fraudulent activity to Action Fraud - see related information for a link to their website and for more details on scams.

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