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    Q61: My neighbour has erected a fence and it has been built on our land, not on the boundary, can I take the fence down?

    The police cannot assist in boundary issues as they are a civil matter.
    Do not damage or destroy the fence as you may commit criminal damage and be liable to prosecution.
    The best course of action is to discuss the matter with your neighbour, to try to resolve the matter in an informal and friendly way. Try to establish if there has been a misunderstanding with the boundary. Obtain a copy of your deeds which will clearly show the boundary line and compare this with your neighbours. You should make every effort to remain on good terms with your neighbours.
    If it is still not resolved then you should think about seeking advice from a solicitor or Citizens' Advice Bureau. However, be aware that getting solicitors involved could prove to be costly. The planning department of the local authority may have more information available.
    See the websites in Related Information for more details and to find your local authority.

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