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    Q603: I am the victim of a crime that has happened abroad, what do I do?

    What action you should take will depend on whether you and the suspect were in the same country when the offence occurred. If this is the case, you will need to make a report to the local police of that country.

    When making the report you should make a note of the date, time, details of the incident itself, which police officer and station it was reported to and any relevant contact information. This will help support any insurance claims made and will be useful if you are required to give evidence in court.

    We would also advise that you find the nearest British embassy, commission or consulate who will be able to assist you.

    If you and the suspect are/were in different countries when the crime occurs then you will need to make a report to the police in your own country - not the country where you think the crime occurred. This is because there are official procedures that must be followed when investigating international crime, and the request must come from a recognised law enforcement authority.

    To find your nearest Embassy and for further information, please see Related Information.

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