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    Q576: I have (recently) passed my driving test and I have my pass certificate but have not sent off for my new licence, (I still have a provisional licence) can I drive on my own? I have insurance and the owner's permission?

    You can start driving as soon as you pass your driving test but you must have an insurance policy that allows you to drive without supervision. If you are in any doubt about this contact your insurer and clarify the matter with them before you drive. Nonetheless, it's not a good idea to drive straight away after your test, as you'll probably be very excited and this could affect your judgement.


    Providing you have a photocard provisional licence that shows your correct name, your driving test examiner will send your test pass certificate to the DVLA, you should then receive your full licence within 3 weeks.

    If the name on your provisional licence is not correct or if you have a paper provisional licence, you will need to:

    • Complete the declaration on your test pass certificate.
    • Get a driving licence application form (D1) from the Post Office and complete it.
    • Provide documents that confirm your identity.
    • If you have a paper provisional licence, include a passport photo.

    Send your provisional licence and the above documents to the following address:

    SA99 1BN

    Note that:

    • Your test pass certificate is only valid for 2 years after passing your driving test. If you don't send it to the DVLA and obtain you full licence within this time, you'll have to retake your driving test.
    • Whilst you can drive on your own you cannot supervise a learner driver, see question on requirements for supervising a learner driver for further information.

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