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    Q559: Can I sell my motor vehicle on the road?

    Ordinarily if you are a private individual then you can sell your motor vehicle on the road. However, there may be local byelaws that impose some restrictions or prohibit this altogether. If you intend on selling your vehicle on the road, you should firstly check with your local authority to ascertain whether there are any byelaws which apply in your area.

    If you do sell a motor vehicle on the road then it must be insured, taxed and have an MOT.

    An offence is committed if two or more motor vehicles that are either exposed or offered for sale are left on a road within 500m of each other by a person acting for the purpose of a business of selling motor vehicles. This offence is aimed at certain garages and businesses that sell motor vehicles and park them for long periods of time on the road, which can cause a nuisance to local residents.

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