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    Q529: What class of vehicle is a double cab pick up?

    Double cab pickups can sometimes be classed as a dual purpose vehicle but this will depend on whether they comply with the requirements below.

    A dual purpose vehicle basically is constructed or adapted for the carriage of both passengers and goods, has an unladen weight not exceeding 2040kgs and is either:

    • capable of all wheel drive,

    or if not capable of all wheel drive has:

    • a rigid roof,
    • transverse passenger seats and
    • not less than 1850 square centimetres of glass in each side window and not less than 770 square centimetres of glass in the rear window.

    The national speed limits applicable to dual purpose vehicles (when not drawing a trailer) are the same as those for a car:

    • motorway 70mph
    • dual carriageway 70mph
    • single carriageway 60mph
    • built up area 30mph

    These speed limits also apply to passenger vehicles and motor caravans when they are not drawing a trailer, not adapted to carry more than 8 passengers and have an unladen weight not exceeding 3050kg.

    If a vehicle is constructed or adapted to carry goods and passengers but doesn't come within the definition of a dual purpose vehicle because its unladen weight exceeds 2040 kg or it has a non-rigid roof or its seats run lengthways and not transversely or it doesn't have the required amount of glass etc., it will under the regulations be a goods vehicle, whether or not it is carrying goods. The link below gives the speed limits for dual purpose and goods vehicles.

    GOV.UK - speed limits


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