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    Q502: What is the procedure for the acquisition or disposal of firearms and shotguns?

    Variation to the firearm certificate must be authorised before a firearm can be purchased or sold. The authority given will state the quantity, the type e.g. Rifle, Muzzle Loading Pistol etc and the calibre of the firearm authorised along with the amount of ammunition you will be permitted to acquire.

    The person selling the firearm e.g. a firearm dealer or a firearm certificate holder will check the authority on the certificate and if correct will enter the details of the firearm on Table 2 on the reverse of the certificate.

    This will show:

      • the date of the sale or transfer,
      • the name and address of the person selling or transferring the firearm,
      • the quantity,
      • calibre,
      • type,
      • identification number of the firearm, and
      • the seller's authority e.g. dealer registration number or firearm certificate number.

    The seller is required to notify the Police for the area in which the holder resides, and the force who issued the firearm certificate.

    With the exception of the need to obtain a prior authorisation, the same procedure is necessary for the sale or transfer of a shotgun.

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