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    Q489: Can I have a copy of the form the police officer filled in when he stopped and searched/stopped me?

    Yes, you can have a copy of the form.

    If the police officer uses a paper record of the stop/stop and search then you should be handed a copy of the form at the time you were stopped. If not, you have 3 months from the date of the stop/search to obtain a copy of the form. To obtain a copy of the form you would need to attend at the station from which the officer who carried out the search is attached. You would more than likely need to take some form of identification with you.

    If the officer is using electronic means to record the stop/search then you should be handed a receipt of the record. Where a stop and search occurred details of how the full form can be accessed should also be given. The person can request a hard copy or electronic copy but not both.

    See websites in related information for more details.

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