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    Q429: What documents do I need to take with me to the station to report a road traffic accident?

    You need to take your driving licence, insurance certificate, MOT certificate and any details of the offending vehicle.

    Since June 2015, existing paper counterparts to driving licences will no longer have legal status, however drivers do not need to do anything: they just keep their current photocard driving licence. This means that you don't have to take the paper counterpart to the police station.

    Note however, that the DVLA have not abolished paper driving licences issued before they introduced the photocard in 1998, and any driver who holds this type of licence should keep it and not destroy it.

    Since June 2015, whilst the licence (whether photocard or paper) remains the official document that shows what vehicles a person can drive, the driver record held by the DVLA is the only legal record of the penalty points a driver has. This means that paper driving licences are no longer marked with endorsements.

    Drivers can use the link below to find out how many points they have on their licence or when they'll be removed:

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