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    Q427: I have been involved in a traffic accident and I think I have an injury, do I need to report it to the police?

    The policy may vary from force to force but if you want to report the accident to the police then the police are required to take a report of the accident, which will then be investigated.

    If you have caused damaged to any roadside property (lights, street signs etc.) then you must report the accident.

    In addition to the usual requirement to provide name, address of driver and registration number of the vehicle following an accident only involving damage, if someone is injured then insurance details must also be exchanged at the time, otherwise the accident must be reported to the police as soon as possible (and no later than 24 hours).

    Although you are required to report such an accident straight away you should always seek medical assistance in the first instance.

    Contact your local police force for further information.

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