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    Q397: Can I carry a passenger on my motorbike and is there an age limit on being a pillion passenger?

    In order to carry a passenger on a motorcycle:

    • the rider must have a full licence for that class of motor cycle;
    • the pillion must wear a suitably constructed helmet that fits properly;
    • pillion passengers must be capable of sitting astride a proper seat securely fixed to the motorcycle and be able to hold on effectively;
    • the motorcycle should be equipped with suitable supports/rests for the pillion's feet and they should be able to reach them;
    • the pillion should wear appropriate protective clothing;
    • the decision to carry a passenger remains with the rider, who is legally responsible for ensuring that the passenger is safely carried;
    • make sure you are not exceeding the maximum weight for the motorcycle - this may be shown in the manufacture's handbook but it you are in doubt consult a reputable dealer;
    • comply with any adjustments that the motorcycle manufacturer recommends in relation to carrying a pillion e.g. increasing the pressure in the rear tyre;
    • make sure your insurance covers carrying a pillion passenger.

    In the case of a child, although there is currently no minimum legal age for them to ride as a pillion, they must wear a suitable helmet, be able to sit astride the motorcycle seat with their feet on the footrests and be able to hold on properly. Additionally, they should wear suitable protective clothing and it is strongly recommended that they have parental consent.



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