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    Q362: The police have removed/seized my vehicle because I did not have any insurance, how do I get it back?

    The police need to ensure that the vehicle in question is released to the owner (or a person nominated by the owner) who has the correct documents in place. The documents will usually be your driving licence, MOT certificate and valid insurance documents for the car. Plus, if the driver stopped is not the owner, then they require the owner to attend with proof of ownership - not just the original driver.

    One of the common misunderstandings relates to insurance. Many people ask friends to drive away their vehicles for them after a seizure for no insurance - but most insurance companies now include a paragraph on the certificate specifically disallowing cover on another seized vehicle, so you must read the small print on the insurance, or, if in doubt ask the insurance company themselves before going to the police station.

    Owners frequently try to use people who are motor traders with insurance policies covering them to drive any vehicle, or so they believe. Unfortunately, Motor Trade policies really only allow them to drive vehicles as part of their business of repairing, buying and selling them, not when a vehicle has been seized by the Police. It is doubtful such insurance will be accepted by the Police, but if you want to consider it, do a careful check beforehand and perhaps consult the Police.

    Ownership can be a particular issue if the vehicle is recently purchased and the owners details are not up to date. Motor Traders don't often register the vehicle in their own name (or company) and in such circumstances there could be difficulty proving ownership using the normal method, i.e. a V5 document. If a check on PNC doesn't resolve the issue, proof of purchase would be required traceable back to the previous owner, before release could be considered.

    You will be liable for the costs of recovering your vehicle, the cost is set by the Government and varies between £150- 350 depending on the weight of the vehicle and storage costs vary between £20-35 per day or part of a day. That is in addition to the penalties for any offences committed which resulted in the seizure.

    Also note that many forces state that you can only collect your vehicle during the day, Monday to Friday, so that could be sometime between 0800-1700, check with the station in your local area.

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