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    Q359: I will be attending a cruise in your area, what advice can you give me?

    A 'car cruise' is a gathering of large numbers of car enthusiasts who meet at car parks where 'boy racers' show off their customised vehicles. A minority of these perform dangerous stunts and this coupled with the sheer numbers of people gives rise to causing fear to the public.

    Whilst cruising in itself is not illegal, many of the cars involved do commit offences whilst taking part in the cruise, such as speeding, handbrake turns and criminal damage.

    Some Police Forces are now treating the meetings as Anti-Social Behaviour and are asking people to leave. Anyone who refuses to leave an area when asked to do so by a Police Officer or Police Community Support Officer, faces arrest.

    The police would urge people not to take part and if they do to drive carefully and be mindful of the possible nuisance such events can bring to neighbourhoods.

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