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    Q350: Are the people who sell the Big Issue regulated?

    Big Issue sellers are registered and have to complete a training course and sign a code of conduct before they are allowed to sell the magazine. The code of conduct basically lists the rules that the seller must abide by. The sellers are not employed by the Big Issue they are effectively self-employed.

    All registered Big Issue sellers have to wear an ID badge whilst selling the magazine, if the seller is not wearing an ID badge then do not buy the magazine. If you have any problems, comments or queries about Big Issue sellers then contact the Big Issue:


    London: 020 7526 3444 OR
    Brighton : 01273 234781
    South West: 0117 908 0090
    Midlands: 0121 333 5860
    Wales: 029 2025 5670
    North: 0161 831 5570
    Scotland 01413527260 or 01413527267

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