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    Q336: I have been sprayed by CS gas, does it have any long-term effects?

    The immediate effects of CS spray are discomfort to the eyes, a burning sensation, coughing and a tightness in the chest. It may also cause your skin to go red and feel hot and remain so for up to 1 hour. Most other symptoms will disappear after 35 minutes.

    To aid recovery the best thing to do is to bathe the face and eyes in cool, clean running water. If the symptoms persist you should consult your doctor.

    Please note that it may cause damage to certain types of contact lens. If you do experience this, you should consult an optician.

    A few forces use a similar gas called PAVA which is effective when it is sprayed into the eyes and has a slightly stronger burning effect for about the same period. It does not have the other side effects to any degree.

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