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    Q317: How can a visitor to the UK possess firearms or shotguns?

    The holder of a visitor's shotgun permit may, without holding a shotgun certificate, have shotguns in their possession and purchase or acquire shotguns. See Q318 for how to obtain a visitor's permit.

    Legislation also provides that a person who has not been in Great Britain for more than thirty days in the preceding twelve months may purchase a firearm from a registered firearms dealer for export, without holding a firearm or shotgun certificate or visitor's permit. The exemption does not extend to the actual possession of the firearm and the dealer must arrange for the export of the weapon without it first coming into the purchaser's possession. The thirty days limit is an aggregate and does not have to be continuous. The purchase of a firearm for export without a certificate from a person other than a registered firearms dealer is not permitted.

    Please note that all calls to police involving firearms are treated as if it is a genuine firearm so be aware that if you do wave an imitation firearm around you could find yourself surrounded by firearms officers pointing real weapons at you.

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