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    Q313: How much does it cost for the grant / renewal / variation of a firearm / shotgun / explosive certificate?

    Costs of various certificates are,

    • Grant of Firearms certificate - £88
    • Grant of Shot gun certificate - £79.50
    • Renewal of Firearms certificate - £62
    • Renewal of Shot gun certificate - £49
    • Replacement of a certificate lost or destroyed - £4
    • Firearm and shotgun co-terminous grants - £90
    • Firearm and shotgun co-terminous renewal - £65
    • Variation - £20
    • Explosive certificate, in some cases it is currently free but there are types of explosive certificates where a fee is payable, check with your forces explosive officer/firearms licensing department for more details.
    • Visitors' permit (1-5 people) - £20 per person
    • Visitors' group permit (6 or more people) - £100 for the group

    You must immediately notify the relevant police force of any change of address. There will be details of the exact person/department to notify within the papers received concerning the certificate.

    Please note that all calls to police involving firearms are treated as if it is a genuine firearm so be aware that if you do wave an imitation firearm around you could find yourself surrounded by firearms officers pointing real weapons at you.

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