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    Q288: There are gangs of youths hanging around on street corners drinking what can be done about them?

    If this is a one off incident then you should contact the police who, if possible, will try and attend and disperse the youths. The police do now have powers to confiscate alcohol from youths in a public place including open and sealed containers (subject to certain conditions).

    If this is a persistent problem then it could be classed as anti social behaviour and you should contact your local neighbourhood police officer(s) who will over a period of time collate the necessary evidence against the youths with a view for eventually obtaining civil injunctions or Criminal Behaviour Orders. Unfortunately this will not happen over night as the police and local council have to ensure that they have all the necessary evidence.

    However, as a member of the public you could greatly assist the police by keeping your own diary of the behaviour. Ensuring that you record as much details as possible, including times, dates, types of behaviour, names and/or descriptions.

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