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    Q243: I have lost my mobile phone, can I report it to the police?

    In a bid to ease pressure on resources, the police are no longer able to assist with general lost and found property. Most forces in England and Wales can now only accept certain items, including:

      • Items which contain personal data (mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc)
      • Illicit items (weapons, ammunition, drugs)
      • Significant amounts of cash
      • Items of high value

    If this facility is available, the procedure may vary from force to force however it is likely that you will need to prove ownership of the mobile phone. In some forces you may be able to report it over the telephone whilst in others you need to report in person to your local police station with a copy of the contract or box for your phone. The police need a record of the IMEI number for your mobile phone that is so it can be recognised as your phone if it is handed in or recovered.

    The IMEI/serial number on your phone is a number that is unique to your mobile phone. To find out what your IMEI number is type *#06# into your phone.

    We would recommend that you contact your network provider to inform them the device is lost so they can stop anyone else using it.

    Contact details for the mail mobile phone network providers can be found in relation information.

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