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    Q238: Do I need a permit from the police to sell door to door?

    If you are going to sell door to door only, you will need a pedlars certificate which is issued by the police.

    A pedlars certificate is a certificate that allows a person to sell goods (usually trinkets, household goods and other hand made objects) door to door going from place to place. The "pedlar " cannot remain in one place and sell items; a pedlar goes to their customers to sell items rather than allow customers to come to them. If you do want to remain in one place, on a street for example, you would require a street trader's licence, which you can obtain from your local council.

    You must be 17 or over to apply for a pedlars licence and must have lived for at least 28 days within the district you are applying.

    How to apply

    A pedlars certificate is obtained from the chief of police from the area where you live. You need to attend at your police station with:

    • 2 photos of you
    • a form of identity, eg a passport or driving licence
    • proof of your address
    • details of a referee

    The police need this information to check your identity and that you are of good character before issuing a certificate. The cost of the licence is currently £12.25 and lasts 1 year.

    Please note that having a pedlars certificate is in no way an indication that the goods for sale are of merchantable quality.

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