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    Q221: I have been asked to take part in an ID procedure, what will that entail?

    As a witness…

    • You will be required to attend at a police station in order to take part in the procedure.
    • The main method of identification used is video identification.
    • You will be shown a video, which contains images of several different people. You will be asked to identify the person you believe to be the suspect.
    • At no time during either procedure will you encounter the suspect.

    As a suspect…

    • As a suspect you will receive notice of the identification procedure and will have been told which type of procedure is going to be used.
    • The main method of identification used is video identification. This is because it is easier and quicker than an identification parade.
    • If you refused all methods of identification, then this can be used in evidence at any possible trial. The police may also proceed covertly with the identification.
    • In video identification your image will be captured for a short time. This is then sent off to a central bureau to ensure it is of a necessary quality.

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