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    Q182: What is 47/3 bail/ bail before charge/Part 4 bail?

    47/3 bail/bail before charge/Part 4 bail is granted when someone has been arrested for an offence and there is not enough evidence to charge them at that time. So to stop them being held in custody any longer they are granted 47/3 bail/bail without charge, normally with the only condition being to return to the police station at a certain time and date.

    Upon return to the station, the person should be either charged or refused charged (released from bail without charge). The time period for returning to the station is usually a couple of weeks in order to give the police time to gather the necessary evidence such as statements, CCTV evidence, identification procedures and forensic evidence.

    Failure to report back to the police station is a breach of the bail conditions and will result in an arrest.

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