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Q133: I suffered sexual abuse as a child and now I feel I can report it, what can the police do?

Any person reporting historic sexual abuse to the police will be treated seriously. However, the only assurance that can be given is that the matter will be thoroughly investigated.

Beyond that no other predictions about the outcome of any case can ever be made and it is important that any person in such circumstances has realistic expectations. The passage of time, means that much of the evidence may have been lost, although corroboration of early reports, medical and social services records are examples of lines of enquiry that may be pursued. Once the suspect has been interviewed, the case papers will be assessed by the police and if there is sufficient evidence the case may be forwarded to the CPS who will have to look at:

  • the legality;
  • the public interest of mounting a prosecution;
  • the prospect of a conviction;

before deciding to take the matter forward. For further support please see the websites in related information. There is a link to the 'Help for Victims' website and a Youtube guide of the website.

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