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Q131: My young child has been the victim of a sexual assault, how will the police interview my child and can I be there?

Any child or young person (i.e. under 18 years of age), is entitled to be video interviewed in respect of sexual offences that they have been subjected to or witnessed. The interview will take place in a purpose built suite that may be at a Police Station or another place. The interviewer will be a specially trained Police Officer.

When interviewed in such circumstances, the child is required to be alone in the interview room with the Interviewer but there is an adjacent 'Monitor Room' where a relative may be allowed to sit and observe what happens.

If a relative is also a witness in the case (e.g. a parent who the child first told) their evidence could be damaged by hearing the child's full disclosure. In those circumstances it may be necessary for another relative to be in the Monitor Room.

For more information please see the websites in related information. There is a link to the 'Help for Victims' website and a Youtube video guide to the website.

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