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    Q128: Someone has broken into my house and taken some property, is that burglary?

    Yes it is. Burglary is where a person enters a building or part of a building without permission and proceeds to steal property from within. For many people this means that someone has entered your house without permission and stolen property from inside your house. Many people use the phrase "my house has been robbed"; it has not been robbed but burgled.

    The whole body does not have to enter the house. If someone puts their arm through the letterbox and steal keys, for example, this is a classed as a burglary.

    Examples of burglary:

    • B smashes patio door and opens it and goes into living room and steals a TV and DVD player and leaves the house.
    • B puts his hand through an open window and steals a purse that has been left on a kitchen unit.

    If you have suffered from a burglary, please contact the police straight away and try not to touch anything that you think the offender may have touched.

    For further guidance on this and where to you can register, for free, all property with a serial number, please see the links in related information. See Q756 for information on what to do to preserve evidence.

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