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    Q106: My son/daughter has been arrested and they are under 18, what is the procedure?

    The juvenile will be placed in a secure room (or cell if no secure accommodation is available). The police will try and identity the person responsible for the welfare of the juvenile as soon as possible and inform that person, that the juvenile has been arrested, why the juvenile has been detained and where they are being detained.

    The parent/guardian will be asked to attend the police station as soon as possible to see the juvenile. The juvenile will be given his/her rights in front of the parent(s) even if they have been previously given. The parent/guardian can request to speak to the juvenile in private. This request is likely to be authorised, although this is discretionary and the custody officer does not have to grant the request if they so wish.

    The parent/guardian will be present - along with a solicitor if requested - during the interview and at the rest of the procedure at the police station.

    However, if you are a witness or involved in the case or any admissions were made to you, then you will not be allowed to be involved.

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